Press Room

“Investing in Dream It Do It Nevada just makes sense.  It helps us communicate our workforce needs effectively to educational and workforce leaders across the state.”

Jim Flemming Plant Manager of General Electric Company in Minden, NV

Why do we need Dream It Do It Nevada?

We Nevadans often hear that we’re “at the top of the bad lists, and the bottom of the good ones.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why the Big Five came together to bring Dream It Do It Nevada to life. Each of them has a stake in its success—and so do you.

As Dream It Do It Nevada grows and continues making strides, things will start to change in Nevada:

Employers… will reap the benefits of an educated and highly trained workforce, one that’s able to read, write, do math, problem-solve, show up on time, work in teams and communicate effectively. These employers will be able to fill jobs that have long stood empty, making their companies more productive and competitive.

K-12 Students, Parents and Educators… will see enhanced STEM offerings and stronger ties with higher education and the state’s businesses. By generating excitement about the range of STEM career offerings in Nevada, schools can better address the full range of student needs, and more accurately guide students toward their futures, while growing the high school graduation rate.

Nevada’s Workforce (including transitioning workers and returning military vets)… will better understand what employers are looking for. They’ll know how to prepare more effectively for today’s workplace. And, with Dream It Do It Nevada’s help, they’ll know where the jobs are. Dream It Do It Nevada will actually help to lower the unemployment rate.

Higher Education Institutions… will see increased enrollments and completion rates. Dream It Do It Nevada will be working hard to meet the needs of Nevada industry by developing nationally portable, industry-recognized credentials that align with the state’s higher education system. This will help colleges to recruit more students, increasing Nevada’s college-going rate.

Economic Development Authorities… will attract more companies to do business in Nevada. With proof that Nevada has a highly skilled workforce, a strong educational system and thriving industries, businesses will find Nevada an even more appealing destination.

Political and Civic Leaders… will see Nevada’s economy become stronger, more diversified, less reliant on increased taxes and better able to compete globally.

54% of all jobs in Nevada will require a meaningful industry-recognized credential or college degree by 2018. (Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce)