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“Dream It. Do It. Nevada’s strength is that it’s industry-led.  Kids and parents will have knowledge of career opportunities in their own back yard, transitioning workers can access training and find work, and our returning military veterans can utilize their skills and find sustainable careers.”

Jennifer McNelly President, The Manufacturing Institute (Washington, D.C.)

What Dream It Do It Nevada is:

The non-profit engine leading Nevadans to competitive careers in industry.

Backed by The Manufacturing Institute (the 501(c)(3) arm of the National Association of Manufacturers), Dream It Do It is the national engine for driving industry growth and workforce development in regional economies. Nevada is one of approximately 23 states currently participating in the Dream It Do It effort, which was created to attract workers to fill the approximately 600,000 open manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

What we do:

Bridge the substantial gap between what Nevada’s fastest-growing industries need and what its workers can offer.

It’s a fact: Even though Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country, employers in several fast-growing industries, like manufacturing, mining, health care and energy, are experiencing crisis-level worker shortages. They simply can’t find enough workers with the academic degrees and industry-relevant training it takes to get the job done.

Meanwhile, just over half of Nevada’s students graduate from high school. That means they don’t have the skills—reading, writing, doing math, problem-solving—that employers want from workers in these competitive industries.

Without industry-relevant training and credentials, or information about where these available jobs are, displaced workers and returning veterans can’t go to work in these industries, either.

And without proof of a highly skilled workforce, Nevada can’t attract new companies to locate here, or diversify our economy.

That’s why all of the Big Five formed Dream It Do It Nevada: To connect the dots.

As the non-profit engine leading Nevadans to competitive careers in industry, Dream It Do It Nevada will make a major impact on each of the Big Five, and the state’s economy as a whole:

  • Lowering unemployment
  • Filling jobs in critical industries that are experiencing severe shortages
  • Increasing the state’s high school graduation and college completion rates
  • Attracting new businesses to the state
  • Diversifying the state’s economy
  • Making Nevada a competitor in the global marketplace

How We Do What We Do:

Dream It Do It Nevada provides three basic functions in its effort to meet its goal:

  1. Uncover Islands of Excellence: Dream It Do It Nevada identifies the assets within the community that enable you to earn the training and credentials that employers value. These may be found in the business community, educational system, nonprofit sector or workforce development system.
  2. Establish Career Pathways: Dream It Do It Nevada identifies the necessary steps along each career pathway in Nevada’s fastest-growing industries, such as manufacturing; mining; transportation, distribution and logistics; health care and energy.

    It is developing a system of nationally portable, industry-recognized credentials that align with both the state’s existing academic resources and the National Skills Certification System.

    Dream It Do It Nevada programs like Right Skills Now offer career training and internship experiences that work to fill critical worker shortages with immediate, recognized employer needs.

    For more information about these programs or about exciting career pathways in Nevada, call George Gussak at (775) 884-4492 or email

  3. Communicate these assets to all Nevadans statewide: Dream It Do It Nevada connects you with these assets by sharing messages about job fairs, factory tours, job training or professional development programs and more. It provides information to students, parents, transitioning workers and the broader community through traditional marketing and advertising, social media and community outreach efforts.